how to get flocculant out of pool

Flocculant is a chemical used in swimming pools to help clear cloudy water by clumping together tiny particles, making it easier to remove them. If you’ve used flocculant in your pool and need to get it out, follow these steps:

  1. Wait for the Flocculant to Work:
    • Flocculant takes time to work, typically several hours to overnight. During this time, the tiny particles in the pool water will clump together and settle at the bottom of the pool.
  2. Turn Off Pool Equipment:
    • To avoid disturbing the settled particles, turn off the pool pump and any other equipment that circulates water, such as the pool cleaner or automatic vacuum.
  3. Let the Flocculant Settle:
    • Allow the flocculant-treated water to sit undisturbed for at least 12 to 24 hours, or as recommended on the product label. This allows the particles to form a visible sediment at the bottom of the pool.
  4. Use a Pool Vacuum:
    • After the flocculant has had time to work, carefully vacuum the pool. Be gentle to avoid stirring up the settled particles. Use a manual pool vacuum or an automatic pool cleaner with a vacuuming function.
  5. Direct Waste Water:
    • When vacuuming, set your pool’s filter system to “Waste” or “Drain” mode if available. This will bypass the filter and send the vacuumed water directly to waste, bypassing the filter and removing the settled particles.
  6. Backwash the Filter:
    • After you’ve removed the settled particles from the pool, it’s a good practice to backwash and rinse your pool filter to clean out any remaining flocculant and debris.
  7. Rebalance Pool Chemistry:
    • Test your pool water and adjust the chemical balance as needed, especially the pH level. Flocculant treatment can affect the pool’s chemistry, so ensure it’s within the recommended ranges.
  8. Regular Pool Maintenance:
    • Continue with your regular pool maintenance routine, which includes skimming the surface, cleaning the pool walls and floor, and maintaining proper chlorine levels to prevent future cloudiness.

Remember that the use of flocculant is a temporary solution to clarify pool water and should not be a replacement for routine pool maintenance. Regularly maintaining your pool’s cleanliness, chemical balance, and filtration system is essential for keeping the water clear and safe for swimming.

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