how to get gale to fix the pedestals in prodigy

In the educational math game “Prodigy,” Gale is one of the non-playable characters (NPCs) you interact with as part of the game’s storyline. To help Gale fix the pedestals in “Prodigy,” follow these steps:

  1. Advance in the Game’s Storyline:
    • Progress through the game’s main storyline by completing math battles and solving puzzles. Gale will typically request your assistance when you reach a certain point in the storyline.
  2. Accept Gale’s Quest:
    • When Gale asks for your help to fix the pedestals, you will receive a quest or mission related to this task. To accept the quest, interact with Gale and follow the dialogue prompts.
  3. Solve Math Problems:
    • In “Prodigy,” you will need to solve math problems to complete various quests and missions. To fix the pedestals for Gale, you may need to solve specific math problems that are related to the quest. Answer the math questions correctly to progress.
  4. Complete the Quest:
    • As you successfully solve the required math problems, you will make progress in the quest to fix the pedestals. Continue to follow the quest objectives and complete any additional tasks or challenges Gale assigns.
  5. Receive Rewards:
    • After successfully completing the quest to fix the pedestals, you will typically receive in-game rewards, such as experience points, items, or other bonuses that can help you progress further in the game.
  6. Continue Exploring:
    • Once you’ve completed Gale’s quest, you can continue to explore the world of “Prodigy” and engage in more math battles and quests. The game offers a variety of educational challenges and adventures.

It’s important to note that the specific details of Gale’s quests and the math problems you encounter may vary depending on your progression within the game. As you advance in the storyline, you’ll have the opportunity to help Gale and other characters with their quests, which can be an engaging way to practice math skills while enjoying the game’s narrative.

Remember that “Prodigy” is designed to make learning math fun, so don’t be afraid to ask for help or use in-game resources if you’re stuck on a particular math problem or quest.

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