how to get graphene in astroneer

“Graphene” is not a resource that can be directly found or collected in the game Astroneer. However, Graphene can be crafted from other resources in the game. To create Graphene in Astroneer, follow these steps:

1. Collect Graphite:

  • Graphene is created from Graphite, so you’ll need to gather Graphite first. Graphite can be found underground on many planets in Astroneer. Use your terrain tool to dig down into the planet’s surface, explore caves, or find resource deposits that contain Graphite.

2. Smelt Graphite:

  • Once you have collected Graphite, return to your base or a smelting furnace. Place the Graphite in the input slot of the smelting furnace. The furnace will heat the Graphite and convert it into Carbon, which is a necessary precursor to Graphene.

3. Craft Graphene:

  • After obtaining Carbon, access your backpack or crafting platform. Look for the option to craft Graphene. Craft it using the Carbon you produced from the Graphite.

4. Use Graphene:

  • Graphene can be used for various purposes in Astroneer, including crafting more advanced items and modules. Refer to your crafting menu to see what recipes and applications require Graphene.

Please note that game mechanics and crafting recipes in Astroneer may change with updates. Therefore, it’s a good practice to check the in-game crafting menu and the Astroneer community for any potential changes or new recipes related to Graphene.

Keep in mind that Astroneer is known for its ever-evolving gameplay, so exploring and experimenting with different resources and crafting recipes is a significant part of the game’s enjoyment.

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