how to get gumdrops fast in bee swarm simulator

In “Bee Swarm Simulator,” gumdrops are an essential resource that can help you progress and improve your beekeeping abilities. To get gumdrops quickly in the game, you can follow these strategies:

  1. Complete Quests:
    • Quests are a reliable source of gumdrops. Make sure to regularly check the quest board in the game and complete the quests that reward you with gumdrops. Quests are often straightforward and involve tasks like collecting pollen, defeating mobs, or visiting specific locations.
  2. Use the Gummy Bee:
    • The Gummy Bee is a special bee that has a higher chance of dropping gumdrops when collecting pollen. If you have the Gummy Bee in your hive, use it to farm pollen, and you’ll naturally collect more gumdrops over time.
  3. Collect from Gumdrops Trees:
    • Gumdrops trees periodically drop gumdrops that you can collect. Make sure to visit these trees and gather gumdrops when they become available.
  4. Participate in Events:
    • Some in-game events and special occasions may offer increased gumdrop rewards. Keep an eye out for these events and actively participate in them to earn more gumdrops.
  5. Use Codes:
    • Occasionally, the game’s developers release codes that can provide you with gumdrops and other rewards. Check the official Bee Swarm Simulator social media accounts or community forums for active codes.
  6. Equip Accessories:
    • Certain accessories can boost your gumdrop collection rate. Equip accessories that enhance your ability to collect pollen or increase the drop rate of gumdrops to maximize your gains.
  7. Upgrade Your Bees:
    • Upgrade your bees’ abilities, particularly their collecting abilities. Bees with higher collecting abilities can gather pollen faster, increasing your chances of collecting gumdrops.
  8. Purchase with Honey Tokens:
    • You can exchange honey tokens for gumdrops in the game’s shop. Honey tokens are earned by converting your excess honey.
  9. Use Boosts and Power-Ups:
    • Activate boosts and power-ups that increase your gumdrop collection rate. These can often be obtained through various in-game activities.
  10. Participate in Festivals:
    • Join seasonal festivals and events that offer gumdrop rewards. Festivals are great opportunities to stock up on gumdrops.

Remember that patience and consistency are key to accumulating gumdrops quickly in Bee Swarm Simulator. By combining these strategies and actively playing the game, you’ll be able to amass gumdrops and progress through the game more efficiently.

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