how to get epic attacks in prodigy

In the educational game “Prodigy,” epic attacks are special and powerful spells that your wizard character can use during battles. These attacks are typically obtained by leveling up your wizard and your pets. Here’s how to get epic attacks in Prodigy:

  1. Level Up Your Wizard:
    • To unlock epic attacks, you need to level up your wizard character by completing battles, solving math problems, and exploring the Prodigy world. As your wizard levels up, you’ll gain access to more powerful spells, including epic attacks.
  2. Equip and Level Up Your Pets:
    • Your pets play a crucial role in battles, and they also have their own set of spells, including epic attacks. To unlock and use these spells, you need to equip pets that have epic attacks and level them up by using them in battles and other activities.
  3. Participate in In-Game Events:
    • Prodigy occasionally offers in-game events and special promotions that may provide opportunities to obtain epic attacks or related items. Keep an eye on announcements within the game for event details.
  4. Complete Missions and Quests:
    • Some missions and quests within Prodigy may offer epic attacks as rewards. Make sure to complete these tasks to earn new spells and abilities.
  5. Purchase Memberships:
    • Prodigy offers premium memberships that provide various benefits, including access to exclusive spells and items. Some epic attacks may be available exclusively to members.
  6. Trade with Other Players:
    • In Prodigy, you can trade with other players. If you have duplicates of epic attacks or other valuable items, you can trade with other players who may have spells you’re looking for.
  7. Participate in Battles and Defeat Tough Opponents:
    • Engaging in challenging battles and defeating formidable opponents can yield valuable rewards, including epic attacks. As you progress through the game and face tougher foes, you may have the chance to obtain more powerful spells.
  8. Open Treasure Chests and Collectibles:
    • Explore the Prodigy world, open treasure chests, and collect various in-game items. Some of these items may include epic attacks or related items that can be used to unlock new spells.
  9. Check the Spellbook:
    • Periodically check your wizard’s spellbook to see if any new spells, including epic attacks, have become available as you level up and progress in the game.

Remember that the availability of epic attacks and the specific spells you can obtain may vary depending on your progress in the game, the level of your wizard, and the pets you have equipped. Keep playing, leveling up, and exploring to unlock more powerful spells and abilities for your wizard in Prodigy.

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