how to get feces in craftopia

In the game “Craftopia,” feces can be obtained from certain animals and creatures. Feces is used for various crafting recipes, including fertilizer and other items. Here’s how you can obtain feces in Craftopia:

  1. Animal Drops:
    • One of the primary sources of feces in Craftopia is through animals. Some animals in the game, such as cows, pigs, sheep, and horses, can drop feces as loot when you defeat them. Equip a weapon and defeat these animals to collect their drops.
  2. Creature Drops:
    • Creatures like goblins and other hostile entities in the game can also drop feces when defeated. Engage in combat with these creatures to collect feces as loot.
  3. Taming and Harvesting:
    • You can tame certain animals in Craftopia by using the Taming Net and keeping them in your farm. Tamed animals will occasionally produce feces, which you can then collect from the ground near their enclosures.
  4. Crafting:
    • You can craft a Feces Maker machine in Craftopia. This machine can convert certain raw materials into feces. The materials required to craft this machine may include items like wheat, wheat flour, and other farm-related resources.
  5. Fishing (Rare):
    • In some rare cases, you may obtain feces while fishing. This is not a common method, but it’s possible to find feces as a fishing catch.
  6. Exploration:
    • Sometimes, you may come across feces as items while exploring the game world. Keep an eye out for these items while exploring different islands and environments.
  7. Trading:
    • In some in-game trading or exchange systems, you may have the option to trade for feces with certain NPCs. Check with traders and merchants in the game for such opportunities.
  8. Using Animal Pens (if available):
    • If you have set up animal pens on your farm, animals you keep in those pens may produce feces over time. Check the pens periodically to collect the feces.

Remember that feces is used for crafting various items in Craftopia, so it can be a valuable resource for your gameplay. Collecting feces from animals, creatures, and your own tamed animals can help you create fertilizers, which are essential for farming in the game, as well as other crafting recipes.

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