how to get hardmode ores in calamity

In the Calamity mod for Terraria, obtaining hardmode ores is essential for progressing and crafting more powerful items. To obtain hardmode ores in Calamity, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Defeat the Wall of Flesh:
    • Before hardmode ores become available, you must first defeat the Wall of Flesh, which triggers hardmode in your world. To summon the Wall of Flesh, you’ll need to create a guide voodoo doll and toss it into the lava in the underworld.
  2. Activate Hardmode:
    • Once you defeat the Wall of Flesh, your world will enter hardmode. You will notice significant changes in your world, including new enemies and biomes.
  3. Mine Altars:
    • After entering hardmode, three types of altars will appear randomly in your world: Cobalt, Mythril, and Adamantite altars. Each altar type corresponds to a specific hardmode ore.
  4. Use a Hardmode Pickaxe:
    • To mine the hardmode ores, you’ll need a hardmode pickaxe or drill. The pickaxes and drills capable of mining each ore are as follows:
      • Cobalt Ore: Mineable with a Cobalt Drill or Pickaxe.
      • Mythril Ore: Mineable with a Mythril Drill or Pickaxe.
      • Adamantite Ore: Mineable with an Adamantite Drill or Pickaxe.
  5. Smelt the Ores:
    • Once you’ve collected the ores, head to a furnace or an adamantite/titanium forge to smelt them into bars. These bars are used to craft a wide range of powerful weapons, armor, and tools.
  6. Craft Equipment:
    • With the hardmode bars, you can craft various equipment, such as armor sets, weapons, and accessories. Make sure to prioritize crafting the equipment that suits your playstyle and enhances your character’s abilities.
  7. Upgrade Your Gear:
    • Continue exploring your world and defeating hardmode bosses to gather additional resources and items. Use these resources to upgrade your gear and take on more challenging foes.
  8. Explore New Biomes:
    • Hardmode also introduces new biomes like the Hallow and the Corruption/Crimson. Each of these biomes contains unique resources and enemies that you can use to further improve your character’s gear.

Remember that Calamity mod introduces additional hardmode ores beyond the standard ones found in Terraria. Some of these ores are essential for crafting mod-specific items and equipment. As you progress in Calamity, be sure to explore, mine, and craft to become more powerful and take on the mod’s challenging content.

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